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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Take The News Challenge: Can You Find A Positive Headline?

I decided today that I was going to do the impossible. Well, perhaps not the impossible, but it feels that way at times. What is this I speak of? Finding a POSITIVE news story in the Top Stories headlines. These are the results of my findings:


Nothing there....


One there, the elderly drivers racing their scooters. They seemed happy enough in the video.


Bush calls for action over Kosovo

Russia warns US on missile plan

Iraq condemns Turkish 'shelling'
Australia storm death toll rises
Gaza militants launch Israel raid
Sri Lanka troops 'kill 30 Tigers'
Israel 'tests' Syria peace aims
UK police reject rendition claims
Paris Hilton is sent back to jail

The Israel Story looks promising, although I am doubtful that these countries will find peace.


Hispanic Voters Enjoy New Clout With Democrats

Pace out as Joint Chiefs chairman

Russia Wants Freeze on US Missile Plan

Rep. Jefferson pleads not guilty to corruption charges

Bush reassures pope on Iraq's beleaguered Christians

G8 Leaders Pledge $60 Billion To Fight Disease In Third World

Review of Khadr ruling sought

Brownback To Compete In Iowa Straw Poll

If the G8 leaders keep their promise and actually "give" the money that is a good thing.


U.S. Cities Race Ahead of Feds on Climate Change
In Arctic Ice, Lessons on Effects of Warming
VIDEO: Melting Glacier Draws Scientists
Special Report: The Threat of Climate Change
A Changing French Assembly
Alliance of Last Resort in Iraq
Suicide Bomber Kills 13 Iraqi Soldiers
Bush, Pope Benedict XVI Discuss War in Iraq
Joint Chiefs Chair Will Bow Out VIDEO
Romney Boys Dish on Dad
GRAPHIC: Meet Romney's Sons PostTalk
Twitter Develops a Following
Book World: Two Attempts to Get at the Real Hillary
Iran Confirms U.S. Man Jailed
Paris Hilton's Grim-Reality Show

The first story looks promising! If cities would implement changes, it would be a positive step for our climate!


Bush Makes Historic Visit To Meet Pope Benedict XVI

Italian Police Fire Tear Gas on Anti-Bush Protesters

Shuttle Fold Causes Concern

MLK's Pal Charged With Incest

Track Star ODs on Muscle Cream
Justine Henin Wins French Open
Jefferson: 'I Am Absolutely Innocent' VIDEO
Cops: Stepdad Drowned Child for Insurance
Woman Sentenced for Starving Stepdaughters
Letterman Kidnap Plot Con Escapes
Tyson Recalls 40,000 Lbs. of Ground Beef
Kelsey Suspect Had Threatened Sister

18 Iraqis Killed in New Wave of Violence

I would say the Bush and The Pope's meeting, but it doesn't look as if anything "positive" really came out of that. So that leaves us with the winner of the French Open.


Hanging With the Pope: Bush, Pontiff Talk 'Worrisome' Iraq

Thermal Breach? NASA Checks Shuttle

Sports Cream Said to Kill Teen Runner

Crying for Her Mom, Paris Returns to Jail

Will Paris Stay in Jail This Time?

'Sopranos' Swan Song: How Will It End?

6 Die in Attack on U.S. Jail Facility in Iraq

Cover-up of Secret CIA Prisons Alleged

Sanitary State Rep Wages Germ Warfare

Meet France's Sexy, Enigmatic First Lady

Cold Cash Congressman Pleads Not Guilty

Pace Retires As Head of Joint Chiefs

Golfer Daly Claims Knife Attack by Wife

Kate Hudson-Owen Wilson: Fated to Fail?

The Germ warfare looks promising, although it's a shame it will only affect one state....


Bush reassures pope on Iraq's beleaguered Christians

US missile shield threatens resolution of Iran stand-off: Russia

Iraq protests Turkish bombardment of Kurdish north

Japanese envoy hopeful of saving Sri Lanka peace bid

Atlantis heads for International Space Station

Russia's Ivanov seeks to reassure West at economic forum

Aeroflot signs order for 22 Boeing Dreamliners

Well, at least someone(Aeroflot) in Russia had a good day.


Everlasting US pyramids in Iraqi sands

US eyeing bigger UN role in Iraq

An insurgency beyond the Taliban

Putin's smart Gabala gambit

News of Wen's retirement shot down

Philippines puts on a political show

US ire over trigger-happy North Korea

I like the looks of the UN playing a bigger role, that is something to keep an eye out for.


Kuwaiti emir calls for enhanced ties with Iran

Egypt calls for cooperation with Iran

Iran's neighbors not concerned over N-case: Haddad-Adel
Iran's envoy to Mongolia submits credentials
Headlines in major Iranian newspapers
Quake hits northern cities
Haddad-Adel slams Zionists' atrocities
Security official confirms arrest of three Finns in Hormuzgan
Mazandaran province welcomes Italian investors
Mottaki calls for expansion of Iran-Hungary ties

I'm not real sure where to go with this one.... I suppose some of it is good news for the Iranians, although, I think we (US) should be very concerned...


Reasonable exam environment created for quake area students
Chinese panda in Washington zoo may be pregnant again
China enhances ties with Indonesia, Barbados
Blue-green algae discovered in another E China lake
China urges intensified prevention and control of blue-ear pig disease
Preparations begin for election of HK and Macau deputies to 11th NPC

Kenyan police kill 11 as crackdown on sect intensifies
S Korea lifts ban on quarantine inspection on U.S. beef
Putin suggests U.S. deploy missile defense system in Azerbaijan
Malaysia detects new outbreak of bird flu
Jews want control of grave in Ukraine
Cyclone Gonu kills three in Iran

Enhancing their ties is a positive thing.


Lebanese army resumes camp shelling

Iraqi troops die in Hilla bombing

Musharraf cancels media decree

Egypt court permits face-veil use

Palestinian groups in border raid

Bush visits pope amid protests

Quelling Iran's thirst for petrol
Kenyans flee sect crackdown
UN 'concerned' about Darfur
Three killed in Pakistan bus blast
Colombo court halts Tamil evictions
The changing face of my Beijing
Dalai Lama warns of 'lost' Tibet
France invites Lebanese dialogue
Tortured by the Palestinian police
Bush firm on missile shield plan
Chile judge orders Fujimori arrest

G8 leaders in $60bn aid pledge
Syrian arms dealer held in Spain

Once again, I think that 60 million dollar pledge is about the best we can do here.

Why this Quest? I did this to prove a point, the world as a whole is wrapped up in reporting the negative. Rarely, does something positive make the headlines. If so much negativity is floating around the world, how do we honestly expect to make the world a better place for future generations? Take the Challenge, see what positive news you can spread. Maybe by one blog at a time, we can introduce something positive in the world, for a change..


Brad Shorr said...

That's a good challenge! The only things I buy newspapers for are crossword puzzles and comics. The rest is too painful.

Open Eyes Blinded By The Knowledge Of All That Is said...

LOL, I agree. I've stopped buying them.... I figure I get enough negative saturation through the news on TV & Online... No sense in having it in print!

lisa q. said...

yep...exactly why i don't read or watch the news...i quit watching during desert storm and never looked back...once in awhile i scan the headlines...even managed to find a happy one in the google entertainment news today...jericho is going to be renewed in the fall thanks to fans...well, that's good news for me anyway :D

thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment...hope you'll stop by again!

Open Eyes Blinded By The Knowledge Of All That Is said...

I'm glad you were able to find something good! You are quite welcome! Thanks for stopping by here!

Anonymous said...

www.happynews.com All news, all happy. They even make an attempt to minimize fluff pieces.

Open Eyes Blinded By The Knowledge Of All That Is said...

I'll have to check that out! Thanks!

Justin Tadder said...

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