"No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness." Aristotle

Monday, May 28, 2007

In Remembrance Of Our Dead And Living

In Flanders Fields
By John McCrae

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly.
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

On this day that we have set aside, to honor our fallen comrades, remember the sacrifices that were and are still being made today. Remember the soldier sitting in 120 degree weather, battling the generators, desperately trying to keep cool. Remember him/her as he/she lays in bed at night dreaming of their loved one's left behind. Remember them, as they are awakened in the middle of the night by the whistling of a round attacking them under the cover of darkness. Remember them, as they eat the same food, day in, day out. Remember them, as they weep for their fallen comrades. Remember them, for these are YOUR Sons and Daughters America.

They continue to sacrifice their freedom on a daily basis, so that you may sit here FREE.

I have made my stance on our presence in Iraq very clear in previous posts, but that does not for one minute mean that I do not stand behind our troops. But, I still believe drastic changes should be made there.

As our loved one's sit thousand of miles away, waiting for that day to come home, our voices are the ones that need to be heard here on the home front. OUR voices, crying for change, for time lines, goals, etc are the ones that should be ringing loud and clear across this land.

Where is your voice?

American Revolution (1775-1783)
Battle Deaths ..................................................4,435
Last Veteran, Daniel F. Bakeman, died 4/5/1869, age 109

War of 1812 (1812-1815)
Battle Deaths..................................................2,260
Last Veteran, Hiram Cronk, died 5/13/05, age 105

Indian Wars (approx. 1817-1898)
Battle Deaths...................................................1,000
Last Veteran, Fredrak Fraske, died 6/18/73, age 101

Mexican War (1846-1848)
Battle Deaths...................................................1,733
Last Veteran, Owen Thomas Edgar, died 9/3/29, age 98

Civil War (1861-1865)
Battle Deaths (Union)....................................140,414
Battle Deaths (Confederate).............................74,524
Last Union Veteran, Albert Woolson, died 8/2/56, age 109
Last Confederate Veteran, John Salling, died 3/16/58, age 112

Spanish-American War (1898-1902)
Battle Deaths......................................................385
Last veteran, Nathan E. Cook, died 9/10/92, age 106

World War I (1917-1918)
Battle Deaths.................................................53,402

World War II (1941-1945)
Battle Deaths................................................291,557

Korean War (1950-1953)
Battle Deaths.................................................33,741

Vietnam War (1964-1975)
Battle Deaths.................................................47,424

Desert Shield/Desert Storm (1990-1991)
Battle Deaths......................................................147

Global War on Terror (as of Sept. 30, 2006)
Battle Deaths...................................................2,333

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

De-Classification.... What's The True Intention Here?

President Bush decided today that he would make a bold move, what move is that? De-classifying Al-Qaida intelligence.... He claims it will validate his "war strategy". Of course, with that I am laughing my bum off... War strategy, hmmmm.... Didn't he claim that the war in Iraq was finished and won quite some time ago standing upon a Naval ship?

Remember we are just there now to avert a civil war and help train the Iraqi troops... This man.... I would put in words how strongly I feel about this man, but I am trying to keep my language clean here... Here's a descriptive word, IDIOT.

This is just another tactic to make us Americans become interested in something else for the time being, so we don't pay attention to what is really going on... It is nothing new, we already know Bin Laden ordered the terrorist attacks.... I don't know that any of us really disagree with the reason why we went to Afghanistan.

So, why is he trying to divert our attention?? What are his true intentions behind it? That is the question we, as Americans should be asking ourselves. I am not naive enough to believe that it is just for ratings sake...

Another news worthy bit, the Democrats have now decided to pass the funding of the war without a time line...

This is good news for our troops, maybe they will start sending some more over there to replace the one's who have been extended to 15 month tours... (Of course, this interests me a great deal since the love of my life happens to be one of the above mentioned.)

Why is it so difficult for Bush to put a time line on this thing? How hard is it to say, OK, by this date we should have this done, and this done.... The last time I checked goals are a good thing to have, right???

If we had a definite time line in place with goals that need to be met, perhaps our efficiency rating would go up, instead of plummeting. I know it is unrealistic for me to believe that we can just remove all of our troops at one time, but how about making a better plan???

I have yet to do research on exactly what all our money is being spent on over there, quite frankly I am scared of what I might see... I do know one thing though, our troops are not being paid enough, period. If you don't believe me go look it up. And if you dare disagree, I would laugh in your face. I have been involved with the military for over 14 years now, and I know they do not get paid enough.

If you still disagree, let me pose this question to you, How Much is YOUR Freedom worth to YOU?

OK, I am getting sidetracked, sorry...

Back to the plan. Plan = Goals = Success. That formula should work, if it doesn't??? Time to re-vamp the plan. It is obvious that formula isn't working and hasn't been working for quite sometime, it's time to re-vamp.

I've said it before and I will say it again...

Bush, it's time to bring our men and women back home.... Present America with a solid, working, effective plan. We deserve that much, our troops deserve it....

But, who can trust a man, with this face.....

Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's Time....

As the bell rang, the people were summoned, what is this I speak of? Why, one of the most significant days in our History! July 8, 1776, the citizens of Philadelphia were summoned to the reading of the Declaration Of Independence.

Remember? That period in our history where we fought and gained our independence from Britain, so we could run our country the way we wanted to? So we could control our finances, our lives?

Amazing how in a little over 200 years, we Americans have forgotten the steps that we took so we could control this land. And, it's amazing to me how so many people speak out against the French and say they have never done anything to help America...

France played a key role in our success against Britain. Not only did they supply us with money, they organized a coalition, they sent an army and a fleet that played a decisive role in a battle that ended the war at Yorktown. But, we Americans are good at that though, aye? Quick to forget, quick to blame and quick to go to war.

"No Taxation without Representation" was the biggest problem that the colonists had with paying taxes to Britain. What does that mean? Quite simply this: Americans rejected the theory that men in London (Parliament), who knew nothing about their needs and conditions, could represent them.

"... we often ask ourselves here despairingly: “What, oh, what is the use of the war? Why can’t people live peacefully together? Why all this destruction?” The question is very understandable, but no one has found a satisfactory answer to it so far. Yes, why do they make still more gigantic planes, still heavier bombs and, at the same time, prefabricated houses for reconstruction? Why should millions be spent daily on the war and yet there’s not a penny available for medical services, artists, or for poor people?... Oh, why are people so crazy?" Anne Frank

Has anyone figured out where I am going with this yet?

Today, we lost 5 more men and 3 are missing. In that shit hole of a place where we have placed thousands of our men and women in harms way, and for what? Oh, the argument is to put in place a Democratic Government to better the lives of the people. ( So in other words, to ONCE again place who WE want in power to better line the pockets of the men with interest in the resources.)

I wonder if anyone has seriously sat down with an Iraqi citizen and asked them, "Do you want us to help you?" No camera's, no hidden agenda's, just a normal everyday citizen talking to another normal everyday citizen. I wonder what their TRUE answer would be... Do you think it might go something like, you know nothing of our needs and our conditions, how can you truly represent us.

We Americans have never gone through what that country has gone through. Yes, we have had our Revolutionary War, Civil War, etc... But those were brief, not extended out for years upon years.... The only Americans who can possibly began to empathize with them? The Native Americans, for what the first settlers did to them is revolting beyond belief. But, that is a blog for another day.

I'm tired of hearing about another death, one life lost in this war, was ONE life to MANY!

Bush, it's time to send our men and women back home....

Sometimes, the best win, is knowing when to bow out gracefully....

"........in any war a victory means another war, and yet another, until some day inevitably the tides turn, and the victor is the vanquished, and the circle reverses itself, but remains nevertheless a circle. " Pearl S. Buck

Friday, May 11, 2007

Touchy Subject

When I was working one night, I had the most wonderful conversation.... No, not really..... A girl comes walking in, at first she seemed somewhat intelligent, nice.....But then, the racial slurs began... I was forced to endure her views on why the minorities are the downfall of America and all kinds of good stuff.... I am being tame here, because I will not lower myself and use the words she used.....

I understand I live in the south now..... But if you are in a public place and using racial slurs and someone is obviously uncomfortable, shut up.... Find something else to talk about.... I grew up in a house, (my dad is a good 'ole boy from Alabama) where I heard the term all the time and discrimination was strong... I couldn't stand it then and I certainly can't stand it now...

I don't understand that way of thinking.... Last time I checked life isn't fair for any of us....

Welcome to the world!!! Life isn't fair....So what if there are more programs out there for some groups and not for others, did you ever stop and think that perhaps it is because a group of that minority came together to create some of them? If you don't agree with it, fight is with knowledge and push for change..... But speaking ignorantly ( and yes, using racial slurs is a sign of ignorance) isn't going to cause change....

Racism....What a touchy subject..... Will we ever be truly color blind? As long as there is ignorant people in this world, no, we will not be....

Minorities......Another touchy subject..... (you hear at least something on the news everyday on this issue here in America)

I hate to burst your bubble, but unless you are a STRAIGHT WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE, then you are a minority......

Is that fair? Of course not....But when did life become fair?

I keep thinking, hoping and dreaming that the younger generations will push past these outdated ways of thinking....... Some days, I fear the worst.... We will never be able to live side by side in harmony, regardless of race, religion or sexual preference......

Is it to much to ask that we respect each others differences??? Can we, as adults, not respect each other?

"Respect is not fear and awe; it...[is]the ability to see a person as he is, to be aware of his unique individuality. Respect, thus, implies the absence of exploitation........" Erich Fromm

Transitive Verb:
To feel or show deferential regard for; esteem.
To avoid violation of or interference with: respect the speed limit.
To relate or refer to; concern

A feeling of appreciative, often deferential regard; esteem. See Synonyms at regard.
The state of being regarded with honor or esteem.
Willingness to show consideration or appreciation.
respects Polite expressions of consideration or deference: pay one's respects.
A particular aspect, feature, or detail: In many respects this is an important decision.
Usage Problem Relation; reference. See Usage Note at regard.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition.

Now lets break it down and began with meaning number 2 in the transitive verb: To avoid violation of or interference with.

Hmmmm.....avoid violation of or interference with...... How hard is it, as adults to avoid violating someones personal rights? That is the beauty of becoming adults right? We have the power of choice? We can choose not to violate someone? We can choose to keep our mouths shut???

Now for meaning number 3 as a Noun: Willingness to show consideration or appreciation.
Once again, it all boils down to the power of choice.....As mature adults, we can hold our tongues, we can be considerate to others..... Oh, and here's an idea..... We can TEACH our children to do the same...... So that, their generation can be more open minded and learn how to live side by side with each other....

"Walk a mile in my shoes is good advice. Our children will learn to respect others if they are used to imagining themselves in anothers place." Neil Kurshan

It literally sickens me, when I hear ignorance like this come out of peoples mouth....So, do me a favor, if you are around me (and especially around my children), please refrain from making racial comments, sexual preference comments, or religious comments.....

I don't want to hear it...

Know How To Get Rid Of A Sand Flea? Let A Dog Kill It...

There has been so much going on in the news lately and I have done well, biting my tongue, not making snide comments, so on, so forth... Hold on one second while I pat myself on the back....

Ok, I'm back....

Now, I am about to let loose the tongue....

I am a self admitted news junkie, I thrive on all the news, I visit several different sites a day, have alerts that come to my phone, etc.... One Headline caught my eye today, and just a forewarning you will probably get mad about what I am going to say, but oh, well, get over it....Ok??? Or better yet, stop reading!

The headline???

"Bush unsatisfied with Iraq war progress "
How the f*** did he think it was going to go??? Honestly? I mean we invade a country that is in a region that has been in conflict for HOW long now??? Hold on, let me find that fact...
God, I love ask Jeeves at times like these, here is what I pulled up:

"For more than 1,000 years, Iraq has served as a battleground for many of the events that have defined the schism between Sunni and Shia Muslims."
"Sunnis and Shias differ in doctrine, ritual, law, theology and religious organisation. It is the largest and oldest division in the history of Islam.
But the origins of the split lie in a dispute over who should have succeeded the Prophet Muhammad as leader of the Muslim community when he died in 632."

And yet, Bush is unsatisfied....Did he honestly believe that we would just be able to go in there with a wham bam thank you mam?? How naive can one be?
Before I go any further on this rant, let me make a quick interjection here, I 100% SUPPORT our TROOPS! They are doing their job, period.

Ok, now that I am done with that...

I am not disputing the fact, that yes, there has been good done over there. My argument is with our reasoning for being there. Why are we so damn ARROGANT as Americans to think OUR way is the right way for everyone???

So effing what, people were being killed...Sorry, that is just a fact of life...This world is a tough place to live in, but you know what? They obviously enjoy their environment because they keep repeating the same cycle OVER and OVER again....Let them kill each other off... Honestly, who the f*** cares....Do you??? I sure as hell don't...

I have reached a conclusion as to why our people care so much...Because the majority of the United States is Christian. Hold your horses, let me explain. What organizations hold the most money in the world? Religious organizations.. They are the drive behind some of the most powerful political campaigns, true? True. What is the one thing that the Christian people as a whole are supposed to do? Find lost souls and bring them to Christ, true? True. Now, how better to make MORE money, than to convert a WHOLE nation to Christianity? (you know that whole tithing thing)

Which us normal, logical folks would understand that, it just isn't going to happen. These people, Muslims, are very steadfast in their beliefs, they are not going to convert.. Period.

Mark this day down in History folks, because I'm going to let you in on a little secret...Democracy is NOT going to work in that country....Period. We can try and try to convert their government, but it isn't going to work in a nation that has so much civil unrest and hatred. All of these American lives that were lost, will be for naught.... And that is what Pisses me the f*** off...

My solution??? Simple, withdraw our troops and let them kill each other off, period....Chalk it up to a lost cause, but that is what it is.... Yes, I know the argument on how women are mistreated, yada, yada, yada...Who the fuck cares...Is it on our Soil? Nope....Then who cares...Does it affect me? Nope. Does it affect my surroundings? Nope.. Does it affect my economy, Nope.. Does it affect my Job? Nope....

Is it affecting our economy while we are there? Hell yeah! In a good way? Hell no!

What Will You Do Without Freedom?

Has anyone else been keeping up with a site named Polar Rose? Here is a description of what they do, lifted directly off of the site of course. "Polar Rose makes photos search able by analyzing their content and recognizing the people in them."

What their new plug-in does:

"The plug-in detects people in online photos and places our signature rose approximately where the pinhole of their shirt would be. A click on the rose will bring up a tooltip with relevant information, including name and other photos found of the same person. As a user, you help train our engine by tagging names or verifying the data generated by Polar Rose or by your fellow users."

Does anyone else find this disturbing? Anyone can download this plug in, add the names to everyone in their pictures, therefore making it easier for any other picture of you on the web, findable. They are using a innovative photo recognition program to match various features of the face to a name.... This is where the unsuspecting public comes in... If they do no research on it, they just think it's a cool program to keep track of everyone in their photos.... Not realizing by naming everyone in them with this program, they are just tagging that person to be tracked on the web, through photos....

At what point do we say enough is enough? When will we as Americans get tired of our privacy being invaded? Every passing year our freedom becomes more limited. How much longer until we do not have freedom?

A review of some of what has been taken away so far:

1) Our right to choose whether or not we die by flying through a windshield aka Seat belt Law.
2) In some areas the right to smoke in our own homes, vehicles.
3) The right to state our opinion without fear of backlash. (example Dixie Chicks)
4) Under the Patriot Act, we are subjected to our phones being wiretapped, online records being traced, private mail and email being read, our reading habits being monitored.
These are just a few examples I have given.... And it is all in the name of freedom and protection, or so they claim. I could do more research on the matter, but I am running out of steam.

I do wonder though, how much longer will the American people sit by and watch their freedoms being stripped, little by little... How much longer before a rebellion happens? Will our children see it? Or their children? Or will it happen in our lifetime?

It will happen...Mark my words, it will. Citizens will only take so much from their government, before a rebellion starts...

Just a question, why is it we continue to allow ourselves to be bullied? Why is it our troops are fighting in a country, so that they have democracy; with our set-up as an example, when ours continues to fail it's people? Hurting the one's it is designed to protect?

I know there isn't a perfect government and I do not expect ours to be. What I do expect and demand though, is a government who will work for his people and listen to them.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It's Our Right To Tell YOU What To Do!

So, I was laying bed last night watching the History Channel, I start watching a show called History Declassified, profiling Ayatollah Khomeini and his rise to political power, the steps that took place, so on so forth... After that show was over, another came on about the History of Iran. Very interesting stuff, especially with the tensions increasing in that area.

How many times has it been said, all great empires fall.....Why, do we as men, seek to reinstate that power? I do feel bad for them. Persia was a great empire! Highly enlightened, developed, and well run.Cyrus the Great was an awesome ruler! My opinion of course, take it or leave it...Obviously, he was doing something right, since the empire still continued to run successfully for over a hundred years after his death. But then of course entered Alexander The Great and all came to an end... Of course you have to admire him as well.....

But, I am getting off track here...

Healthy Debate if you will...

Questions: How would you feel if two countries joined together and put our next leader into power so their interests could be protected? What steps would you take to ensure that doesn't happen again? How would you defend your rights?

My response to this is long, so bear with me....

If, I was a citizen of a country and knew that my political leader was a puppet on a string, I would be outraged...(oh, wait, our leader is a puppet on a string, working for the big corporations, not our interests....my opinion folks, take it or leave it) I would want to see that person put out of power. Now, here is the tricky part though, Who is the best to take their place?

Granted, Shah Pahlavi did great things for their industries, but as far the people of the country go, he didn't do much. He was a puppet doing as he was directed to do. Things only can get worse, as we all remember they did....

Enter the Ayatollah Khomeini. Here is a religious leader, who was respected and loved by many, stepping up, causing outcries for change among the people. His goal? To bring Iran back to it's former glory with no outside interference, no one trying to take over, no outside interests pulling the strings. After all, they were once great...Until they were invaded by Alexander and it was all downhill from there.Admirable? Maybe....should we still be concerned? You betcha...Did you know that every Friday after prayers, they still gather to holler Death to America? By the thousands...They blame us for their hardships. Are they validated in doing so? I don't know, you be the judge....

Ayatollah Khomeini, is dead and gone now...but the people still remember him and honor him. His views are still shared by many of the people.

Now, lets move forward to the present.

Ahmadinejad, elected as president August of 2005. He was the only candidate that spoke out against future relations with the US. Once again, should we be concerned?

Just a few news bits lately:

Iranian officials have warned repeatedly that they may feel forced to respond aggressively if the Security Council takes action against them, but their strongest words were reserved for the United States. Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Iran's ambassador to the IAEA, told the gathered ambassadors in Vienna on Wednesday: "The United States has the power to cause harm and pain, but the United States is also susceptible to harm and pain. So if that is the path that the U.S. wishes to choose, let the ball roll out."
When asked if Iran, the world's fourth-largest oil supplier, would use its oil exports as a weapon to punish the West, Javad Vaeedi, deputy head of Iran's National Security Council, said: "We will not do so now, but if the situation changes we will have to review our oil policies." Los Angeles Times, March 9,2006.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the West could not force Iran to give up its right to nuclear power through "bullying and brutality".
US officials have called for continued international pressure on Iran.
The UN nuclear agency has decided to send a report on Iran's nuclear activity to the UN Security Council.
"Western countries know that they are not capable of inflicting the slightest blow on the Iranian nation because they need the Iranian nation," Mr Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying in a speech. "They will suffer more and they are vulnerable," he said, without elaborating.
BBC NEWS, March 9, 2006.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) March 10, 2006 - President George W. Bush said on Friday he assumed Iran's threat to impose pain and suffering on the United States was related to the U.S. need for imported energy resources.

I only have one response to this.... Hasn't anyone told you about assuming things Bush??? All it does it make an ASS out of U and ME......I think it is very arrogant and naive to underestimate the power of an ANGRY country...

In short, not that any of my writings are that, I can understand the outrage of the Iranian people. I understand the steps that they have taken. I understand their need to be thriving, healthy, and free from all outside influences. But, do I condone war? Hell NO! Do I want them developing nuclear warheads? Hell NO!! But, on the flipside of that, I am not so naive to think that our country doesn't have a few of those armed and ready if necessary....

So, who are we to tell them, that they can't have them as well?

A Looming Crisis??

Doing my usual, searching the net for news, and I came across this headline:

Water scarcity: A looming crisis?


What I want to focus on today is the table that is on this link...Comparing different countries usage of water to one another..

Go ahead, click on the link so we can get started...

Ok, done now??

Americans wonder why so many other countries view us with disdain and are constantly appalled by our lack of respect...Respect for what? You may ask...Oh, let me see.... Our lack of respect for the environment is what I am talking about today...

Yes, we have gotten better in some areas, logging industries are replanting forests, more and more towns are enforcing recycling, etc... But why do we still fight when it comes to tightening up our policies on hazardous waste output, things of that nature? Other countries have been trying to get this administration to come up to their standards for years, but yet we resist. Why? (For more information on this, look up this: Convention on Biological Diversity, an international conservation agreement signed by the 188 countries which are meeting in Brazil Convention on Biological Diversity, an international conservation agreement signed by the 188 countries which are meeting in Brazil, which the United States hasn't signed the treaty...)

In a simple analysis proven to us by the table listed in this link, our water usage far exceeds other countries...If I had time, I would look for our food consumption, waste output, things of that nature to compare, but I don't... maybe another day...

Is it so hard for us Americans to control our water usage? Our food consumption? Are we so stuck in the mentality of having to have things Right here and now, that we honestly can't think ahead to our children's future and our grand children's future?

I, will be the first to admit, I am guilty of such things....(especially when it comes to things of personal pleasure, controlling it, that is). It is time, that we Americans start taking into consideration how our actions, or lack of action, is going to affect those who come after us....If we don't.....

What kind of legacy will leave behind? What will be written about us? What irreversible damage will we cause?

Morality And Science

I was catching up on some news one day when a story caught my eye about stem cell research.(http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060606/sc_nm/science_stemcells_dc_5). Now, I am, an avid supporter of this very controversial subject and am hoping that the government will get their head out of their asses and focus on the benefits as opposed to buckling to Christian Beliefs.......

Morality has no place in Medical Science, especially when it could treat and save lives......
What I find so funny about it all is, as long as they are using private money they can bypass all the federal restrictions placed on it....

My father, being the conservative Republican that he is, and I , the very liberal person I am, have gotten into this debate time and time again. The only argument that he can provide against it, is the morality argument.....Give me something more than that.....

His stance???? God didn't intend for us to do that.... Really? He has personally stated this to you? Let me guess, it was the burning bush in the backyard, where he set down his 10 rules, and one was NO STEM CELL RESEARCH ALLOWED...... Did he add on to that, no donating blood to save someones life? Or better yet, no life support systems? Or how about Pace Makers? Organ Donation? Transplants????? Yes, I know I am being a total smart ass here, but that is me....

I get so tired of a select people pushing their morality views on society..... In my world, morality is left up to each individual..... What may be right for some, may not be for others... But guess what? We are each equipped with a brain, and I know that at least most people know how to use it. We are adults, we do have that power of choice!!! Imagine that...... Morality, is not for others to decide for us, it is our decision.....

Ok, so I am getting sidetracked again......

Back to the issue, Stem Cell Research if, it does in fact accomplish, what the scientists are hoping that it does, Is a very beneficial addition to the medical field.... How can someone honestly be opposed to all the good they are hoping it will do? Because it involves embryo's??? Big effing deal.... Sacrifices have to be made in order to save lives....... Get over it already, that has been the way it goes from the beginning of time in all aspects of life...

Decline Of Support

Just some food for thought.....

I was watching a movie earlier about WW2, {I have always been fascinated by this era, since my family comes from Germany}and it led my brain down many, many paths....
I am going to try my damnest to stick to one thought pattern though... (we all know how sidetracked I can get)

My question is this:

When did the American people (as a whole) start losing interest in supporting their troops while at war?

I have done no research on the subject, which I am sure that will change soon, because this question has been bouncing around in my head for an hour or so now....

What led to the decline of support?

During the World Wars, EVERYONE did their part in supporting the war efforts, whether it meant rationing their food, sending extra blankets, food packages, rolling bandages, war bonds, etc....

When did this all change? Is it the fact that the Korean, Vietnam, Gulf Wars( including past and present in this, both regions we are in) are not World Wars? If this is this case, wouldn't it make more sense that we pull together even more so? Since it is more of OUR troops there???
They still need our love and support, no matter if we agree to why they are there.... I know there are a few organizations out there, that do things for the soldiers, and I appreciate that very much so...

But, what do we do? As normal, everyday citizens? What do we do??

Yes, I know some of you offer up your prayers, etc....but what tangible effort do you make? Are you cutting back on your intake of gas? Your intake of food? How are you supporting the families? Where is that sense of support that every town had? The flags hanging, the benefits for the war effort? What changed along the way?

Just some food for thought....

As you are spending this season with your loved one's, in a warm, safe, cozy place, remember our troops that are currently serving in the conflicts, who aren't home, surrounded by their loved one's. Remember their families who are without their loved one......

Remember the sacrifices made in the past, so that you are able to spend these holidays, free.
With these words I leave you....

"... any citizen should be willing to give all that he has to give his country in work or sacrifice in times of crisis." Eleanor Roosevelt

New World Order

One of my new favorite pastimes is checking out conspiracy theories and trying to approve or disapprove them... Yes, I know most of you understand that I do have strange interests. But, I happen to be a nerd, and quite proud of it, actually. I would rather expand my knowledge as opposed to just be content and blindly follow...

I am getting sidetracked....

Back to the conspiracy theories....

New World Order:
I am not going to go into all of the particulars of it, you can look it up if you are interested.... While studying it though, One thing kept jumping out at me....

Let me back up for a minute.

New World Order in a nutshell:

The theory is there are "interest" groups who are molding the world structure into one. Essentially, one currency, one Government for this planet.

Ok, back to the ONE thing that keeps running through my head as I read various articles on this. I am going to go out on a limb here and assume the majority of you are at least somewhat familiar with Biblical beliefs. If you are not, by all means go pick you up a copy and begin reading...You can never have to much knowledge!! It is better to be armed with knowledge than humiliated by ignorance.

Back on point. The Rapture theorists believe that Jesus will come and take his believers up to heaven, while Satan controls the earth, through the Anti-Christ; non-believers have the choice to choose Jesus or Satan, etc... Meanwhile, his (Jesus) followers sit up there and await the final battle for Earth. What does this have to do with New World Order??

To hear Biblical scholars tell it, New World Order is just one of the signs preceding the Rapture. In fact, if you were paying attention when the Euro came into being, Rapture talk and Books were once again preached with a fervor! The time is Nigh! Not much longer my faithful tithers!! Your patience and commitment will be rewarded!! Sorry, I shouldn't poke fun....
There are so many aspects to this theory, it is quite the interesting read.

Back to the one thought that keeps running through my head as I read through various articles....

The Main opposition of this movement is The Church.

Now, if you think about this, from this point of view, just bear with me here for a minute, Why would the church oppose such a thing? One government, one currency.

If you look at it from the best case scenario, under this, wouldn't conflicts be minimal, better global economy, starvation be non-existent, better health-care. etc??? Just a few positive factors.. In order for it to work and be successful, these are just some key issues that would have to be resolved.

So, why in the world would the church oppose this?? What is their reasoning??? Yes, I know that they have come up with the Rapture theory, that it would mark the beginning of the End Times. (remember it's easier to control people with fear!)

Here's a quick fact for you about the Rapture Theory: The Pre-Tribulation theory originated with a 15 year old Scottish girl name Margaret MacDonald in Scotland in the 1800's. She had a vision. If memory serves me correctly I believe it was around 1825-1830... I don't remember the exact date and am to lazy to look it up. Before this point, no one believed this. In fact it was such a hit that Schoefield ( I think, could have his name wrong) wrote it into the side notes in the bible that he published. It ws accepted as fact. End of Story.

Back to the Churches opposition to New World Order. If a new system, a world wide system were to come into place, how would that affect the Church? How would it hurt their finances, their current control over a majority of the political system?

It would strip away a lot of power. This is the thought that continues to run through my head as I study this. Without that power, the church is essentially nothing. Without that power, people can not be manipulated as easily. I would love to say that the motivator is money, but it's not. It is power, pure and simple....

That is it... Those are the thoughts running through my head at the moment....

There are so many more aspects that go along with this, but I have neither the time nor patience to sit down and write out my thoughts about it all.... I just found that one underlying factor to be interesting.....

Is It A Simple Answer?

I wanted to explore a subject today.....I was watching a show earlier and it was talking about the differences in the mindset of WWII Vets and Vietnam Vets. I found it extremely interesting.
Growing up, I knew alot of both "groups" of people. Being a preachers daughter I was exposed to many different types of people.

The one thing I have found to be true is most WWII Vets have no troubles talking about what they experienced and saw, whereas there are very few Vietnam Vets who will.
Why is this?

In both Wars, horrible, horrible things were seen and done. I don't think as humans, we can say any one was worse than the other.
What then, is the reason for the mindset difference? Why do more Vietnam Vets struggle with what happened?
Can we simply chalk it up to the differences in the generations? A great part of me wants to say yes, yes we can.

Take a look back with me, if you will.

In the 1940's Farming was the mainstream. From a very early age men were taught to be strong, not only physically but mentally. Farm work is hard work, period. It builds character, strength, determination, among many other things. They were not "spoiled" or "babied" by their mothers, their role models were their fathers. They worked side by side, ensuring that their livelihood remained intact.

When they were sent off to war, it was an honor to fight for their Country. They believed in what they were doing. (perhaps this last sentence hits it right on the head???)
WWII changed America drastically. In every imaginable way, from home life, economics, civil rights, weapons development, the list could go on...

As each generation came along after this one, remember after the war was the start of the baby boomer era, our mindset changed.

By the Vietnam Era, the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing, our Space Program was expanding, the "hippie" culture was flourishing, Freedom of Speech was being exercised, etc. Farming was almost a thing of the past, more and more people were living in cities. American "family" life had completely changed.

But, my question is this, where was the breakdown of the mindset? Perhaps, I am not explaining myself well.Why is it, the WWII Vets were able to better mentally handle what they had seen and done in War time as opposed to the Vietnam Vets?

Please don't misunderstand me, I am not saying that men who have trouble dealing with what they have seen in a War situation are any less of a man, than someone else. My questioning is merely curiosity as to what changed?

Can we truly chalk it up to the differences in how the different generations were raised?
I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. What do you think is the reasoning? Why do you think that?

The Politics Of War...

My pops and I had an interesting conversation yesterday about the political state of the world. Me, being who I am, and that being a person that loves to throw chaos upon a perfectly normal situation and sit back and watch the show; provoked him about his boy(GWB)....

I was surprised to hear him admit some things though and I was proud. To hear a die hard Republican admit that Change MUST happen was a good thing.... Personally, my thoughts on this mess is this:

Take our boys out and who we want in power, save back a few "key" members then NUKE them. Send them all to hell because I am tired of sitting here listening to all the politics of it.... I am tired of the media focusing on the bad, especially when they are degrading and demeaning our men and women who defend their right to say what they do.

Media has NO place in a war zone.....Get them the fuck out of there, let our troops do what needs to be done... Mass genocide, etc I don't care.... Something has to change.... Let them shoot upon sight if they feel threatened without putting them through the wringer afterwards....
There IS NO MORALITY in WAR!!! If our people would let us fight this war the way it needs to be fought, this shit would've been under control a long time ago... I could give a fuck less if an innocent man, woman or child is killed. That, my friends is war....

In fact, I think our soldiers should get a bonus for every fucking head they bring back. Let the rage of our people TRULY reign down upon them and lets see how long it will take before they get the message... Quit fucking with us, quit being fucking pussies with your little IED'S and Mortar Rounds, stand up with a gun and fight face to face... Quit hiding in the Shadows.... That is a cowards war.....

I have said it a million times before there hasn't been peace in that region for thousands of years and there will never be. Is there hope for this region?? Hell no, it will never be what our government envisions....

Let them kill each other off or let us do it the right way and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Thats Hot.. NO Paris, That's Stupidity

I have 5 words to say to Paris,"GET THE FUCK OVER IT!"
Why in this society do we have the misconception that just because someone is famous and rich that means they can get away with anything? They are no better than anyone else on this earth, they just have a little more money is all....

Honestly... If you are that fucking rich, why in the world are you driving yourself anyways??? If I had spent the night on the town drinking, there is no way in hell I would get behind the wheel, especially being a high profile person....

I can hear the press on the phone now, "This is "insert town name here" police department, how may I help you?"

"Yes, if you have any officers over in the "insert name here" area, you may want to have them check out a "insert make/model of vehicle". The driver is weaving in and out of traffic and almost ran me off the road." his/her eyes glazing over with the thought of the photo's and dirt he/she would be getting tonight....

It's 45 days dumb ass... A month and a half, it's not as if she was sentenced to a year, but yet so many people cry out injustice was done! Bullshit, when she got behind the wheel of her car with a suspended license, not ONCE was she pulled over, but TWICE she fucking deserves it... Hell, they ought tack on a extra month for stupidity... Of course, she then fires her manager stating it was his fault, he said it was ok to drive..

That is where the stupidity charges should come into play... But, then again we are talking about the person who wanted to copyright the phrase "Thats Hot".

Geez....I feel as though my IQ has dropped a few points just because I wrote that...