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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

How Many More Countries Can We Piss Off?

Let's take a look at the list so far:

North Korea
Now, Russia?
My question is this: Why in the world are we even contemplating spending THAT much money on building this in FOREIGN countries?

Who gives a flying rip if Iran or North Korea attack the Czech Republic or Poland? I have nothing against these countries, but let them protect themselves. Is this honestly worth pissing off the Russians even more? Bringing us to another Cold War?

A few News bits today:

Bush, in an interview with The Associated Press and other reporters, said no U.S. military response was required after Putin warned that Russia would take steps in response to a U.S. missile shield that would be deployed in Poland and the Czech Republic.

"Russia is not an enemy," Bush said, seeking not to inflame a heated exchange of rhetoric between Washington and Moscow. "There needs to be no military response because we're not at war with Russia. ... Russia is not a threat. Nor is the missile defense we're proposing a threat to Russia."

The president's plan to deploy an anti-missile radar system in the Czech Republic and 10 interceptor missiles in Poland is likely to be a key topic in Bush's meeting Thursday with Putin.

Asked if he anticipated a tense encounter, Bush replied "Could be. I don't think so ... I'll work to see that it's not a tense meeting."

Putin has accused the U.S. of starting a new arms race and said if the U.S. pressed ahead with its plan, Russia would revert to targeting its missiles on Europe as it did during the Cold War. China joined Russia in saying the missile defense plan could touch off a new escalation in nuclear weapons.

The move to put the missile defense shield in former Warsaw Pact nations — purportedly as a defense against a future missile launch from Iran — clearly fanned Putin's anger.

Bush cited Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's declaration that it was "too late" to stop Iran's nuclear program as justification for the U.S. missile defense system. "Therefore, let's build a missile defense system," Bush said, adding that it was time to return to the U.N. Security Council to tighten pressure on Iran to give up its suspected weapons program.

The system, which Washington hopes to install by 2011, comprises a radar station in the Czech Republic and 10 interceptor missiles, which could be split between that country and Poland. The US already has a network of alert satellites and radars, as well as anti-missile shields in California and Alaska. The cost? At least 550 million.

On Monday the commander of Russia's space forces warned that the missile defence system for eastern Europe would pose a "clear threat" to his country.

"Our analysis shows that the location of the US base would be a clear threat to Russia," ITAR-TASS news agency quoted General Vladimir Popovkin as saying.

"It's doubtful that Iranian or North Korean rockets would go across Poland or the Czech Republic... (But) the radar in the Czech Republic would be able to monitor rocket installations in central Russia and the (Russian) Northern Fleet."

Kisliak reiterated Russia's concerns on Tuesday.

"Of course it is the prerogative of every state to guarantee its own security but this must be done without creating a sense of danger in neighbouring states," he insisted.

US, Czech and Polish leaders have rejected Moscow's fears as groundless.

With regards to Iran, I find it quite funny, now that Iraq is weakened and Iran is growing stronger, our issues with Iran are becoming more and more vocalized. Does anyone else see this pattern? All this is about, is who is going to control the "oil"- rich gulf.... That's it.

If we can cast doubt upon their intentions and cause the whole world to eye Iran warily, then our argument becomes more validated. The Power of Fear, that is all that it is.

Instill Fear by means of propaganda and the public will support any measure you want to take.

History behind the facility in question:

An Iranian opposition group first revealed publicly the existence of this site in August 2002.

The Iranian government has announced that over the next 20 years it wants to build several nuclear power reactors for a total capacity of 6,000 megawatts of electricity. Tehran has also stated that it wants to be self-sufficient in the nuclear area, implying that it wants to produce the low enriched uranium it would need for at least some of these reactors. It does not appear to want to produce all its low enriched uranium fuel. For example, it has announced that it will buy low enriched uranium from Russia for the Bushehr power reactor that Russia is providing.

Some words coming out of Iran in the last 48 hours:

"The only way for a nation to realise its rights is vigilant resistance. They should be alert, recognise their rights and insist on it," Khamenei told thousands of people attending Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini's shrine in the southern outskirts of Tehran.

"A nation that wants to reach independence must pay a price. If it wants to preserve its rights against bullies, then it has to pay a price."
Khamenei's speech was interrupted by chants of "nuclear energy is our natural right" and "death to America".

He said: "It cannot sit in a corner and expect development and progress."
"Iranians should not beg for their right to obtain nuclear energy. They should not beg to the domineering world powers. This is not the way of an independent and free nation." Ayatollah Khameini

Tehran insists it wants only to generate energy for a growing population and its leaders have vowed they will hit back hard against any attack on atomic installations.

Read an earlier post that I wrote for my thoughts on Iran's rights to develop Nuclear Energy: http://outofmymindleaveamessage.blogspot.com/2007/05/its-our-right-to-tell-you-what-to-do.html

Our country NEEDS to stop being so concerned with other countries and focus on ourselves, before we get ourselves into a bind.