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Monday, June 11, 2007

No Confidence In Gonzales: Will Bush Listen?

Democratic Senators hope to prod this Man, Gonzales into resigning with a vote of no confidence. The Republicans will attempt to block it, of course, although many of them have expressed their displeasure over his performance. Gonzales has refused to step down and is supported by the Republican president, who is his long-time mentor from Texas.

Bush's response to this? In his words: "They can try to have their votes of no confidence, but it's not going to determine -- make the determination who serves in my government," Bush declared.

The word my, is what I want to focus on today. My government. Hmmm..... I thought that the government belonged to Us, the people, not to one man. The last time I checked it was we, the people, who elected our officials, Our Senators & Congressmen represent us, our President represents us, our needs, our wishes, our concerns. But yet, once again, Bush is refusing to listen to the people.

It is reasons like this, that we, as Americans, need to stand up and raise our voices! No longer do we need to allow ourselves to be bullied by our government. Our voices need to be heard once again, not falling shy upon the ears of our leaders.

How much longer are we going to put up with leadership who continues to turn a deaf ear to the cries and the needs of our nation?

I can not stress enough how important it is to let your voice be heard. It is time our nation rallied together so we can bring this country to where it needs to be. It is time we stand up and declare that WE NO LONGER will be bullied and ignored. We are the ones who make up this country. It is our money that pays their salaries, it is our money that makes this country strong.

Change has to happen, What Role will you play in our Future? Will you sit by and watch us destroy ourselves, or will you stand up and say enough, is enough!


Carol said...

Bush doesn't give a s**t about what "we the people" want, think, or need. He will do exactly as he chooses because no one has the courage to fight him.

Open Eyes Blinded By The Knowledge Of All That Is said...

No doubt.... That is why it is important that we the people stand up and find our voices!