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Monday, June 11, 2007

One Day! One Voice! 30,000 Bloggers

I lifted this off of My View Of It's blog, click on the title to visit her site, great stuff! I encourage each and every one of you to take up this challenge!

One Day! One Voice! 30,000 Bloggers
Contact: brian@bravehumans.com

Total: 234
Left To Go: 2966
When the list reaches 30,000, a date and a word will be listed on the page. On that date, every weblog on the list agrees to make a single post with the word as the title. The content of the post should be about what you want for the world, whatever that may be. The purpose is not to make a particular political statement, but simply to make a noise. If 30,000 weblogs all post the same unusual word, it WILL be heard.
Send an email to brian@bravehumans.com with the subject: Yop!
In the body of the email list the name of your weblog, and the URL.
Your weblog will be added to the list . [ website ]
Tell your friends who blog about it, and urge them to send in their weblog as well.

A Poem I found online:

The difference

One tree can start a forest

One smile begins a friendship

One handclasp lifts the soul

One star can guide a ship at sea

One vote can change a nation

One candle wipes out darkness

One step must start each journey

One word must start each prayer

One hope will raise our spirits

One voice can speak with wisdom

One heart can know what's true

One life can make a difference

You can make a difference!


carissa said...

Can I post about how I should be named "Most Important Person In the World" and still be a part of this movement (as the leader, of course)?

Open Eyes Blinded By The Knowledge Of All That Is said...

LOL, sure why not....

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Will check it out definitely!

By the way, i just faved your blog, my friend. :) Hope you fave my site too! I'm at www.anitokid.blogspot.com

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More power! Mabuhay!

Open Eyes Blinded By The Knowledge Of All That Is said...

Will do!

Anonymous said...

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