"No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness." Aristotle

Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's Time....

As the bell rang, the people were summoned, what is this I speak of? Why, one of the most significant days in our History! July 8, 1776, the citizens of Philadelphia were summoned to the reading of the Declaration Of Independence.

Remember? That period in our history where we fought and gained our independence from Britain, so we could run our country the way we wanted to? So we could control our finances, our lives?

Amazing how in a little over 200 years, we Americans have forgotten the steps that we took so we could control this land. And, it's amazing to me how so many people speak out against the French and say they have never done anything to help America...

France played a key role in our success against Britain. Not only did they supply us with money, they organized a coalition, they sent an army and a fleet that played a decisive role in a battle that ended the war at Yorktown. But, we Americans are good at that though, aye? Quick to forget, quick to blame and quick to go to war.

"No Taxation without Representation" was the biggest problem that the colonists had with paying taxes to Britain. What does that mean? Quite simply this: Americans rejected the theory that men in London (Parliament), who knew nothing about their needs and conditions, could represent them.

"... we often ask ourselves here despairingly: “What, oh, what is the use of the war? Why can’t people live peacefully together? Why all this destruction?” The question is very understandable, but no one has found a satisfactory answer to it so far. Yes, why do they make still more gigantic planes, still heavier bombs and, at the same time, prefabricated houses for reconstruction? Why should millions be spent daily on the war and yet there’s not a penny available for medical services, artists, or for poor people?... Oh, why are people so crazy?" Anne Frank

Has anyone figured out where I am going with this yet?

Today, we lost 5 more men and 3 are missing. In that shit hole of a place where we have placed thousands of our men and women in harms way, and for what? Oh, the argument is to put in place a Democratic Government to better the lives of the people. ( So in other words, to ONCE again place who WE want in power to better line the pockets of the men with interest in the resources.)

I wonder if anyone has seriously sat down with an Iraqi citizen and asked them, "Do you want us to help you?" No camera's, no hidden agenda's, just a normal everyday citizen talking to another normal everyday citizen. I wonder what their TRUE answer would be... Do you think it might go something like, you know nothing of our needs and our conditions, how can you truly represent us.

We Americans have never gone through what that country has gone through. Yes, we have had our Revolutionary War, Civil War, etc... But those were brief, not extended out for years upon years.... The only Americans who can possibly began to empathize with them? The Native Americans, for what the first settlers did to them is revolting beyond belief. But, that is a blog for another day.

I'm tired of hearing about another death, one life lost in this war, was ONE life to MANY!

Bush, it's time to send our men and women back home....

Sometimes, the best win, is knowing when to bow out gracefully....

"........in any war a victory means another war, and yet another, until some day inevitably the tides turn, and the victor is the vanquished, and the circle reverses itself, but remains nevertheless a circle. " Pearl S. Buck